Plastic ball valve application
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BALL VALVE is named by the ball inside to control the valve open and close by rotarying it 90 degree. It can be used either as shut-off valve or Control Valve. plastic Ball Valve include integral type ball valve, true Union Ball Valve and compact ball valve. end connection by flange, socket welding and thread screw, opetate by hand lever, gear box, Electric Actuator and pneumatic actuator.

The plastic BALL VALVE adopts the ball core as the opening and closing parts, which is suitable for the corrosive medium. According to different materials, the service temperature is generally 0 ℃ ~ 140 . Plastic Ball Valve parts are made of PVC, CPVC, PVDF, PP, PPH injection molded parts.

The Plastic Ball Valve use PTFE sealing parts and has excellent corrosion resistance . Flexible rotation and convenient use. The integral ball valve of plastic ball valve has few leakage points and high strength, and the connecting ball valve is easy to install and disassemble. Plastic ball valve has flange plastic ball valve, screw plastic ball valve, socket plastic ball valve, double plastic ball valve, etc.

Plastic ball valve mainly has the following advantages.

1. Low fluid resistance.

2. Light weight.

3. Good corrosion resistance.

4. Compact structure and small installation space.

5. The material is sanitary, non-toxic and widely used.

Plastic ball valve can be used in: water supply system, sewage treatment system, aquaculture, industrial corrosion-resistant pipeline system and so on.

Plastic ball valve is generally operated by hand, or driven by electric or pneumatic actuator, which can be used for remote control.