Ningbo RMI Plastic Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of plastic valves, pipe and fitting products. with more than 10 years experience of technical consult service and supply high quality materials for industrial piping, water treatment system, irrigation systems, etc.

Our teams includes Q/C department, R&D department, mould department, marketing department and production department. we have latest facility of injection machine, CNC machine, vulcanizing machine, pressure testing machine. our experienced colleagues ensure the quality of every step from raw material to the finished products, every products will be strict tested before delivery. 

With high quality products and professional technical support, we serve more than 200 customers in different industries and areas all around the world, and win good reputation. Especially in steel industrial, chloride alkali industry, metallurgical industry, paper making industry, pharmaceutical factory, electroplating factory, mining plant, fish farm, etc.

We are continual working for the target of quality improving, technical innovation and service satisfied. Aim to provide customer durable and efficient products to ensure the piping system working safer and longer.

Our products range:

UPVC Diaphragm Valve, CPVC Diaphragm Valve, PP Diaphragm Valve, PPH Diaphragm Valve, PVDF Diaphragm Valve, Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve

UPVC Butterfly Valve, CPVC Butterfly Valve, PP Butterfly Valve, PPH Butterfly Valve, PVDF Butterfly Valve, Pneumatic Butterfly Valve, Electric Butterfly Valve.

UPVC Ball Valve, CPVC Ball Valve, PP Ball Valve, PPH Ball Valve, PVDF Ball Valve, Pneumatic Ball Valve, Electric Ball Valve.

UPVC Check Valve, CPVC Check Valve, PP Check Valve, PPH Check Valve, PVDF Check Valve.

UPVC Safety Valve, CPVC Safety Valve, PPH Safety Valve, PVDF Safety Valve, UPVC Back Pressure Valve, CPVC Back Pressure Valve, PPH Back Pressure Valve, PVDF Back Pressure Valve.

UPVC Pipe Fitting, CPVC Pipe Fitting, PP Pipe Fitting, PPH Pipe Fitting, PVDF Pipe Fitting.

Other plastic globe valve, foot valve, sampling valve, strainer, flowmeter, level meter, sight glass, diaphragm seal gauge, flow calibration column, etc.