• PVC ball valve types, characteristics and applications


    RMI PLASTIC offer several types of PVC ball valves, include true union Ball Valve, Flange Ball Valve, three way ball valve, compact ball valve etc. The most widely used is PVC Ball Valve true union type and PVC Ball Valve Flange type.The principle and application of these two types PVC ball valves are basically the same, but their structure and characteristics have some difference.

  • Plastic Diaphragm Valve Introduction


    Plastic Diaphragm Valve is a special type of cut-off valve. The biggest difference between the Plastic Diaphragm Valve and other valves is that the structure without stuffing box is adopted; the rubber diaphragm can completely isolate the corrosive medium in the flow passage from all driving parts, thus eliminating the disadvantages of the common valve such as "running, emitting, dripping and leaking".

  • PVC Check Valve Performance


    Plastic Check Valve, also known as plastic one-way valve, is a kind of valve opened and closed by relying on the pressure of the medium itself, without manual switch. Plastic Check Valve is divided into Swing Check Valve and ball core check valve according to the structure. The connection methods are flange type, wafer type, socket welding type, etc.

  • Plastic ball valve application


    BALL VALVE is named by the ball inside to control the valve open and close by rotarying it 90 degree. It can be used either as shut-off valve or Control Valve. plastic Ball Valve include integral type ball valve, true Union Ball Valve and compact ball valve. end connection by flange, socket welding and thread screw, opetate by hand lever, gear box, Electric Actuator and pneumatic actuator.

  • Plastic butterfly valve performance and application


    BUTTERFLY VALVE is either can be a shut-off valve or a Control Valve, the open and close action is controlled by rotarying the round disc, it is mainly for cutting off the pipeline. Butterfly Valve has the characteristics of simple structure, small size, light weight, quick switch and small torque. Plastic butterfly valve is mainly used for corrosive liquid, body and disc material is made by PVC, CPVC, PVDF, PP. seat material is usually made by EPDM, NR, NBR, VITON and PTFE.